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NDC Regional Youth Organizer for Ahafo, Sulemana Masahudu has said that all Nana Addo’s appointees are potential prisoners when NDC comes to power.
It is now glaring at every Ghanaian face that the Nana Addo who begged us in 2016 to just try him in the highest office of the land as president for prosperity since Ghana was not a poor country for us to either sit on monies yet be hungry or by river yet tasty, never meant those words but rather to satisfy his childhood dream of just becoming president as told to him by his father.

Ever since the Ghanaian people honoured him and his government the opportunity to govern, apart from schemes meant for looting,elections rigging and undermining Ewes nothing else had been successfully executed.

Come to think of PDS,Agya pa,Ameri , Digital BAWUMIA , Missing Excavators,missing SADA Tricycles,Osarfo Marfo and krowll associates,1 village1Dam* ,1* constituency 1 million dollars,Galamsey fight committee,Covid_19 relief *fund *just* to mention but a few .

It is clear that all those who were in charge of such schemes and misconducts are potential prisoners in a well restructured Judiciary to serve the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian.
Particularly,with the demised of father for all in N.D.C next government.

In fact,the 125 ministers of President Nana Addo first term can successfully be prosecuted by me ,who has never stepped foot in the law school as Attorney general in NDC government in 2025. None of them can be exonerated by any competent court of adjudication just on the count of causing financial lost to the state.They withdrew salaries with no work to show whatsoever.

It is on this background, the current ministers and other appointees are to take a cue of the daunting task ahead of their predecessors in the first term and advise themselves accordingly.

Hardship,debts, deteriorating health ,school and road infrastructure tell the story in full and not a well rehearsed and read state of Nation Address or cooked Budget full of taxes including Bola Tax.

What is approaching is alarming and who is coming back as president is more ready than Tsunami to swallow corrupt officials derailing the forward match and prosperity of the ordinary Ghanaian.


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