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The question of female nudity in the Ghanaian music arena and art world in general has been unanswered for decades and the likelihood of a change being witnessed will probably only remain just a figment of the imagination of those who genuinely wish to see a positive switch.

I say this because quite frankly, a large chunk of people enjoy what they see, as such these female entertainers choose to merely give them what they want. I say FEMALE with emphasis, and not to sound like a male chauvinist, but they seem to be the most avid perpetrators of nudity these days.

Artiste Manager and Music enthusiast, Mark Okraku Mantey seems to share in my sentiments however, as he questions the growing phenomena of female nudity in music videos. He stated,

“Most of our videos, you will see the woman half-naked and the man fully dressed. It sends a signal that the men are covering themselves and making the women be girls, and it’s not cool.

“Sarkodie’s Lucky video, for example, Sarkodie was full dressed-all white but the ladies in Bikini exposing their parts, why?.

“We must build our culture. We need to have a system that checks how young people consume sexual content”, Mark Okraku expressed.


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