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It was not too long ago that singer, Wendy Shay was lambasted by social media users and ‘keyboard warriors’ for the rather ‘shallow’ response she gave when asked what she had gained ever since her musical career took flight.

The Rufftown Record signee, boasted of her ability to purchase an iPhone, an iPad and a laptop, further stating that it was every girl’s dream to be able to afford such luxuries.

Social media however rained fire and brimstone on the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker on grounds that her answer to the question was insubstantial and trivial.

Following the social media lambasting, the singer went on to purchase a new Jeep Wrangler. Which also brew controversies, as news broke out that the car plate which read “SHAY 23-19” was fake.

Wendy, to prove her haters wrong and put all speculations to bed, took to her Instagram account today to post a picture of the vehicle’s license.

Below was her post.


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