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The CONSUMER PROTECTORS GHANA, CPG has kick against the new telcos charges slated to take effect on the 1st -November, 2018.

In their recent press release, the group which has consumers at heart has cautioned the telecos to reconsider their decision of the new charges

Below is the release



We write with great concern about the Telecommunications in Ghana and how they continue to siphon money from Ghanaians without providing the commensurate quality services. They seem to be more interested in making profits without considering the interest of Ghanaians.

Amidst the cries and complaints of consumers regarding their unacceptably poor quality services, they are anxiously capitalising on it to make even more super abnormal profits by increasing tariffs come 1st of November this year.

By this reason, we, Consumer Protectors Ghana-CPG, a group established to fight for, and protect the interests of consumers, are adding our voices and intend to be heard; that it would be very unfortunate for us to remain impassive while these telcos increase their tariffs at the expense of the poor consumer. Calls and internet charges of these telcos are already at cut-throat prices which Ghanaians are struggling to cope with. We’re demanding that the telcos concentrate more on providing quality services instead of always looking to make profits.

Admittedly, businesses exist for profit, but how would businesses make those profits without the consumers? For the sustainability of every organisation, the interests of the consumers must be put into consideration when making decisions. It is better to make a little profit on each consumer for a majority to patronise the products, than to make huge profits on a few consumers, which in the long run would affect the sustainability of the business.

We are seriously against the increment of the tariffs by these telcos because when taxes were reduced, they never reduced their tariffs, so what reason do they have to quickly decide on increasing their tarrifs just because there has been a change in the VAT apportionment?

We are aware that Ghanaians are charged extremely higher by these telcos compared to the telcos charges of other countries, and offer even poorer services. How can a country with a minimum wage of less than Ghc10, equivalent to $2.3, be charged higher than countries with higher minimum wages? It’s abnormal and unacceptable, hence we Ghanaians must stand for what is best. These telcos cannot continue to take us for granted charging any price they find appropriate to them at the detriment of consumers. Enough is enough!!!

Even though letters have been sent to the appropriate quarters with respect to the already high costs and poor services, we would also like to use this medium to call on all Ghanaians to stand up and resist this increment because they can never survive in isolation without consumers, and ultimately, they must respect our opinion in their decision making. Thank you

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Kwame Asare


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