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Coalition of Friends of Anas has hinted in their recent press release to deal with any top official or Politician who tries to drag Anas’s name in the mud.

According to the convenor, Sulemana Issifu, the Coalition has note with grave concern how some wicked people are trying stridently to unmask Anas and to expose him to danger.

He further stated that, these evil-nurtured people most of whom are politicians feel unsafe and insecure at the presence of Anas. Because of their nefarious acts, Anas is a nightmare for them.

A lot of bad things have been done by people in top class positions in the country against the state and citizens. A lot of these bad deeds have been uncovered by Anas through his sting operations.

Anas is the man of the ordinary Ghanaian. His operations represent the voice of the voiceless. With him around, those who abuse state power sit on needle while we the commoners have peace of mind. If Anas succeeds, which to a large extent we believe he has, society will be a better and equitable place for all, he added

The latest attempts by some evil-nurtured people led by Kennedy Agyapong, is grotesque, repugnant, disgusting, and completely unacceptable. The crusade to unmask him is borne out of bad faith and ill-intent. Apart from the attempts to unmask him, there is also attempts to slander and vilify him with lies and unfounded accusations. For all intents and purposes, why would anyone want to do this?

We as citizens must rise and let the politicians know, Ghana is not theirs. When a politician commits a crime it is easier for him to ruse his way out but the poor Ghanaian is held to the law. What kind of imbalance is this? Because the latest exposé of Anas involves top politicians, all of a sudden Anas has become a monster? What!

We are calling on all Ghanaians to stand and speak up against the evil-nurtured politicians whose interest is only themselves. Ghanaians should reject with a force, these evil-nurtured people. We should not be deceived by their words. They pretend as if they are fighting for the interest of the nation but it is a lie. If your conscience is clean, you don’t have to fear Anas.

Coalition of Friends of Anas by this statement is sending a strong signal and warning to all those ‘big people’ that we shall not sit aloof and allow you to destroy this great asset we have in the person of Anas. A civil unrest will be triggered against anyone who tries to stifle the work of Anas. Notice is hereby served.

Kwame Asare


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