Midnight Run Productions in association with Kalmz Productions has spent a whooping 65,000.00 US Dollar in making the movie, “MY VERY GHANAIAN WEDDING”.

This was revealed by writer and Director, Helel Smith at an exclusive press preview of the movie at the Accra mall chapter of Silver bird cinemas, yesterday, 20th September, 2017.

Helel Smith explained that the amount quoted is an estimate of what have been spent so far and for that reason expects it to increase after the premier on 6th October, this year.

He hinted that the movie is about a young man who needs to choose a life partner but coincidentally falls in love with a foreigner hence resulted in family clashes.

In an interview with fashionn230.blogspot.com, Helel Smith retreats, the movie is unique, educative and a must watch family drama.

Adjetey Anang, who played the role of Paul expressed, “what makes the movie special is the culture the foreigner is bringing on board”.

MY VERY GHANAIAN WEDDING is thought provoking and going to have a positive impact on both the older and younger generations, Adjetey Anang said.

The movie has both familiar and new faces

Stay tuned and watch out for the premier of “MY Very Ghanaian Wedding” on 6th October, here in Accra.



Kwame Asare


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