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The residents, drivers and farmers of Elubo and Enchi has threatened the government over their deplorable road network from Elubo to Enchi.

According to the farmers and drivers who use the said root says that they will send their cocoa to cote D’ ivoire to sell if their poor roads network are not fixed immediately.

According to them “Residents” they have been facing this huge challenge for more then 20years now and nothing has been done about it despite their several complaints and now calling on the Government to come to their aid.

The said road was constructed by former president jerry John Rawlings in the year 1987 and residents says when it’s rains they find it difficult to go home and farmers on the other hand can’t even go to the farm and work due to the flooded nature of the road.

However, some of the residents says when it’s time for vote, Ghanaian leadership will come around and after voting none of them will even decide to pay a visit to them.

Also, the MP of that constituency will always promise them the road will be constructed if they vote for him.

Moreover, Farmers also laments that there was a time that a car bringing fertilizer to them, due to the poor road had and accident and all their fertilizer destroyed.

Traders loose their lives when they travel to ELUBO market to sell their foodstuffs, Pregnant women are been carried in tricycles from enchi to ELUBO hospital.

Some of the farmers lamented that, if the government refuse to do some about the road, they will sell their all their cocoa to Cote D’ivoire
Ahmed kamal


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