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A restructuring exercise has taken place at the Vodafone Ghana Office and has impacted on some roles of over a hundred employees.

The exercise which was set to enhance the company’s efficiency and approach to the growing telecommunications needs has rather turned sour with many people set to lose their jobs at the telecom group.

In a letter sent to a now former staff of the company, it appears that there will also be a severance package of about 3months to all affected personnel.

The letter which was dated on the 12th of September, indicates that the exercise has officially kicked off.

The letter wrote, “This is to inform you that following a decision to reorganise and restructure the business, your role has been made redundant.”

“This letter is to formally inform you that you are being made redundant effective 12 September, 2019. However the company has elected to pay in lieu of the three (3) months’ notice period from 13th September 2019 for a period of 3 months” .

Further contact was made with the company’s External Affairs Director, Mr. Gayheart Mensah who explained that the exercise was a rather necessary one as it was to align the various roles in the organisation among several other precautionary measures that had to be taken, and also to position the company to take advantage of new opportunities in the industry.

He also added that though the exercise will have implications for some roles in the organisation,there will be measures put in place to treat all affected staff.

Making reference to the Labour Laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of the company, he said: “Vodafone assures that employees in the impacted roles will be treated with respect and decency”.

Inspite of the severance packages that were agreed by both parties, the former isn’t satisfied with the news of the sudden redundancy, as the exercise is set to affect staff from all units of the company.

An extended version of the exercise is however expected to take course in October as more people are yet to be called off. is highly interested in the development of this news and will keep you updated on the happenings.


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