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With the number of complains Yvonne Nelson comes up with from time to time, I am sometimes tempted to ask if she has ditched acting and is now a lobbyist or a chairperson of some ‘concered group’.

From her rants about the services rendered at the Standard Chartered Bank, Ghana Water Company and her famous ‘Dumsor Demonstration’ against the irregularities in the supply of electricity years back, Yvonne Nelson has made her mark as a vociferous actress; regardless of the parties involved.

This time around however , she has taken it out on Vodafone Ghana and is ready to drag them by the tooth!

She explained her displeasure in their services but failed to mention what exactly was the problem she was facing, except her mention of bills which could otherwise be related to charges.

In a tweet she made, she said: ‘Vodafone Ghana doesn’t care about their customers. Adding that, after paying bills for so long, their services isn’t any better.

Hence, she is moving on the the best.’

We can’t really tell who the best is at the moment…But we’re hoping she makes the right decision and saves us yet another round of complains.

The tweet from Yvonne Nelson and a counter response by a Vodafone Customer Service Personnel pleading to assist her with her complains.


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