Video for Criss Waddle’s Opana drops


Criss Waddle has taken the beef between him and Shatta Wale (that Criss seems to have created all by himself) to another level!

Last week, Waddle released a song that “disses” the self-acclaimed dance hall king. He calls the track ‘Opana,’ a name which has been used by various people to refer to those who are generally seen as their opponents.

Shatta Wale then responded with his own “diss-track” which he has christened ‘Don’t try.’

Right the beginning of ‘Opana,’ without missing a beat, Waddle rips into Shatta, saying, “Opana be dancehall queen.”

A video for the track has now surfaced, which mainly features some half dressed young men dancing within the confines of what looks like a plantain farm. It then begins to move in and out of excerpts from Shatta Wale’s ‘Bie Gya’ video.

In the song, Criss Waddle makes references to Shatta Wale’s adIdas wear in the ‘Bie Gya’ video and he give a break down of the relationship between Shatta and BullDog.

“Opana be toothless bulldog, but still e backbite en own bulldog. Opana dey claim King Kong, but Opana meet James Bond. Today de3 you meet your meter.”

You can watch the video for Opana below:

We can however not confirm if the video was officially released by Criss Waddle.

By: Jeffrey Owuraku Sarpong/