The formal Assembly man of Asoufua in the Atwima Nwabiagya district, honorable Ali Ibrahim who is also the founder and head of Youth for change (Y.F.C) in an interview with has express much worries on our security system in our country now, the cause and ways to prevent them.

He emphasized much on the unemployment in country especially among the youth lately is the cause of insecurity in our communities and nation at large .

He said because the youth who have graduated from various institutions like the nursing, training colleges, universities etc are not having the works which they have been trained under, but the same youths are the ones who are in need of cars,food, shelter, money and even place to lay their heads, and all of them are very expensive to come by, so a youth will do everything in their powers to get them,they don’t care even to kill to get them.

He also thinks that the opportunities are not there even though the government have always been talking about creating of jobs for the youth, but they are not realistic

so if the insecurity issues can be solved than the youth must be provided with jobs.

He also made mention of education been one major problem which is causing the insecurity in our country now.Because he thinks that the youths of our generation always wants the” white coloured jobs”, thus the office works, but they need to also no that our roads and other things were created with our own hands, so we must involve ourselves with “Blue coloured jobs” as well,which are the one we do with our own hands.

He further goes on to say that the police and other security personal are although doing well but must try and do more than what they are doing now.

finally he cautioned those who expose things they have in public, the money they have, people they must stop because when they do them their lives will always be in danger and also become target for criminals in the community.
Ellen Kyie Baffour


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