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UFP is One of the vibrant political parties in Ghana, United Front Party (UFP) headquarters in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital has successfully held its national delegates congress at Golden Bean hotel-Kumasi to acclaim the Presidential candidate for 2020 polls as well as the national executives who would steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.

The congress which saw the colorful acclamation of Dr.Nana Agyenim Boateng popularly known in the political space as Gyataba and new national executives was attended by regional representatives from all the 16 regions of Ghana because of Covid-19 safety protocols.

The full statement presented by the General Secretary of the United Front Party ,Emmanuel M. Boamah is published below;

Now that this congress is over, may we come together and strive to serve and strengthen the party we are so proud to be part of.

Many are the reasons that compel us to join this party, either our voices are not heard in the other parties, and they tell us to be too inexperience to know what we are talking about, or they are too full to accommodate us.

But the Psalmist wrote long ago, that that the stones that builders reject are what becomes the cornerstone; and Kwame Nkrumah knew very well the truism of these inspired words, that is why he wasted no time in the UGCC when he was considered to be too inexperience to know what was is talking about, in the midst of great men like JB Danquah, Edward AkuffoAddo, William Offori Atta and too poor in the presence of George Alfred Grant.

He therefore proceeded to form a new political party, and did what he had to do, for the country he loved. He knew that like him, many of his countrymen and women were very much capable to build this nation, but were not allowed to do so, because they were not lawyers, and did not come from a certain family or were not rich.

They wasted no time questioning their young age, abilities, or worth, they knew unity was their strength, and therefore came together, and when they were ready, the experience ones, the rich and the lawyers, had to step aside and watched them lead.

The problem before us today is this: 4 years ago we voted for a party under the leadership of a man who promised us a new era of prosperity, he promised new skills to our brothers and sisters who were working in the small scale mining industry, he promised more works for every Ghanaian in all sectors of endeavor, including banking and health care, he promised to build new schools and roads.

Some of us believed him, and voted for him. Today we have no work to do, not because we do not want to work, but because the man who promised prosperity brought miseries along. He took our works and gave it to his friends.

In about 60 days from now, Ghana, will have to choose a new leadership, one that will not promise them prosperity and give them misery, one that will not take their work from them and give it to their friends, one that will not lock them in their homes, close their churches, prevent their children from going to school, under the excuse of coronavirus, while they are busy selling this country and we do not know what they do with the money, because we locked in our rooms.

Which party can form a government that will build schools, build markets, build hospitals, respect the private initiative and free enterprise spirit of the Ghanaian people, reduce the heavy load of taxes upon them, invest into the agriculture sector for organic farming, create clear and simple rules for business initiatives …. and get off their way and let them work ?

If not us … who ?and If not now … when ? (It is the responsibility of all of us).

This country under the leadership of the United Front Party, will not have the courage to lie to the Ghanaian people, we will not promise them what we know we cannot do, we will not collapse their works, destroy their houses, just because we need to build a garden, for our president.

We will not look them in the face while they have, no work to do, no place to sleep and no money in their pocket. We will not take their excavators from them and tell them 500 of them have gone missing, in the black hole. We will not take their mining concessions from them and give them to our friends, nor shall we collapse their bank and tell them to be happy, because the GDP is good.

We will not tell them the economy is good because we have increase the GDP from 1.5% to 3%, without telling them how much percent, should the GDP be, for everyone to have a decent place to live, how much percent, should the GDP be, for every household to have well paid work to do, how much percent, should the GDP be, for people to be able to sleep at night without being afraid to be robbed by armed men, how much percent, should the GDP be, for our brothers and sisters in the Volta Region to live in peace and register their names to vote, how much percent, should the GDP be, for the thugs and military to leave the Volta Region and let them vote in December ?

In the words of Marcus Garvey, “my friends, everything is a farce”.

The GDP is like the body temperature at 36.5 – 37.8 degree, it is normal, that does not mean you are well, it is just normal. Bellow this degree your body starts to get cold and there is the risk of death if you continue downward; go beyond 38 – to 39 and you have malaria, … now it is coronavirus.

The GDP tells us nothing about our wellbeing.

About education, the least said the better, this government told us for every child of school going age and willing adult to go to school, SHS has to be free, not compulsory but free.

With all the intellectuals at their disposal, none of them could point out that free, will not solve our educational deficit, because people do not do things just because they are free, but because they need it, and when they have to, when it is mandatory, (by force).

Was it not, more intelligent to make education an obligation upon every parent to send their child of school going age to school, and the government stepping in to support families who cannot afford to pay whenever they asked for help ?

This free SHS was not free after all, for our minister of finance explained to parliament that it has cost us GHC 3.5 billion, and this money was spent, according to the government on:

-Fees / Text books / and Uniform /.

Now let’s do this math. The total number of students who enrolled in the free SHS for the period the GHC 3.5 billion were spent are 904 212 students. Now each one would get GHC 3870 per head, so if a couple have 4 children, that couple will be entitled to GHC 15483; now the only way to tell if Ghanaians like this free SHS or not, is to distribute the money to the parents of the students, and then ask them to give it back to the government and get free text books, uniforms and fees; all we want to establish here is how many will give it back to the government and how many will go and buy it themselves in the market and pay their own fees and invest the rest to create wealth for the family.

Next time someone comes to you with a free SHS, free University or free Kindergarten, ask them what in God’s name free means.

After 63 years as an independent nation and after 28 years into the fourth republic, with a constitution that states so clearly, in chapter 3 what it means to be a citizen of this land; we are still struggling with the understanding of what it means to be a citizen.

Even the supreme court of the land seems to be confused on the subject, and her confusion has amplified the confusion of the entire country after she ruled ,that the document that certifies: the date, the day and the place we were born, that states the name of the man and woman who came together to give birth to us, and that also states their nationality is not a valid document to certify that we are citizens of this land.

After that ruling, a new nation was born, a nation in which it is no longer the nationality of the parents and the place they gave birth to their child that determines the nationality of the child. But rather the child has to guarantee that their parents are Ghanaians in the land they gave birth to that child.

A new nation in which the electoral commissioner, whose sole mandate is to organize an election and declare the results … now has the authority to tell us the kind of document we should possess before we can be called citizens of this land; and the government in view of these new definition of citizenship justified her decision to send armed military men in the Volta Region to separate families from one another.

Not even Alan Burns could think of such a ridiculous concept of nation-wood in his 1946 constitution; the framers of our constitution were not fools, and we cannot allow our history and proud social heritage to be changed by a woman whose date of birth is not known in all the online archives known to us.

We know there is no magic solutions to the problems of this country. And it will do us great harm if as a nation, we insist on a government and policies that has brought so much suffering and hardships to the people of this land.

In other words we are not interest in a solution from a government to problems that she created herself, all we are asking, is for this government, to step aside, because we do not want the world to believe that the N.P.P. stands for National Perpetual Problem; she should therefor get off the way and let us work, to build schools, and hospitals, and market and roads and bring back the excavators of the miners and send the workers back to work, in their banks and create new ones.

Our plea to the people of Ghana is, we cannot do all of these alone, we need your help, and your votes, and your prayers.

In the words of Einstein: “The world is not dangerous because of those who do bad things, but because of those who look at it without doing anything”.

(so let us all come together and end the misery).

The United Front Party wants to win this election, and this we intend to do even with the help, of other political parties, or we helping other parties, in short, we want to be part of the victory. And with majority of the Ghanaian people by our side, we do not only believe we can win this election but we know we shall win this election.

We are not naïve or unaware of the hard work required to win this election, we know victory demands that we work hard and do the best we can, and the only way to do the best that we can is to work as hard as we can.

(..we are not afraid of those challenges … we welcome them).

Terror is not a new weapon, throughout history, it has been used by those who did not have the ability to think and therefore persuade by means of their power of reasoning; what was joined together in peace and love cannot be brought apart by violence and terror.

And to all those behind the evil agenda in the Volta Region, we urge you to abandon your evil plans and leave that place.

And to the president of the land, the timing and events unfolding in the Volta Region, suggest a premeditated and orchestrated plan that is being executed for the purposes of impeding our fellow citizens to vote.

Mr. President, we refuse, to allow our minds, to even entertain the thought of your involvement. Every explanation, that seeks to provide facts and evidences of your involvement, we reject it.

For you have already made it clear to us that a united and peaceful nation you inherited, and a united and peaceful nation will pass on to us; and we promise you this: “a united and peaceful nation we shall preserve, for the waiting generation”.

But if the perpetrators insist on their evil plans, and are resolute to stay throughout this electoral period to prevent our brothers and sisters in the Volta Region to freely cast their votes.

then we urge them, to as well send the thugs and army in all the regions of this country, because the desire to vote and bring in a new government in is not a Voltarian desire, but a Ghanaian spirit; the hardships and misery this government has brought is not felt in the Volta Region alone, but to the fare flung corners of this country. And not even an army, can prevent us from choosing, a new government for our welfare.

Victor Hugo rightly observed, from historical facts: “ an idea whose time has come…. no army can stop it”

Let us conclude by paraphrasing the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi:Lord make us an instrument of your peace, and your blessings, for this country.Where there is discord, let us bring harmony !Where there is hatred, let us bring love !Where there is darkness, let us bring light !Where there is doubt, let us bring faith !

And where there is despair, let us bring hope ! And finally my friends, with our clarity of vision and God and Ghanaian people on our side, let us go out and win this elections. Thank You !


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