The Ghana Revenue Authority is one of the most sensitive organizations of government whose contribution to national development cannot be underestimated because it provides the much needed revenue that the government requires to execute it’s development programmes and projects for the benefit of the country and it’s citizens.

Hon. Simon Osei Mensah, gave his address at addressing the 2018 GRA Management Retreat which was held on Friday, 23rd February, 2018, made some vital points to enhance and accelerate the development agenda of the country.

According Hon. Simon Osei Mensah, as the government has abolished nuisance taxes, this is the time for the GRA to rise up and come up with new strategies to broaden the tax net, tax collection and compliance.

It is necessary for the GRA to move away from the traditional way of collecting revenue and embrace the use of technology to facilitate our revenue collection systems.

Furthermore he stated that, many countries all over the world introduce reforms to strengthen tax administration and also reduce loopholes and closes revenue loss channels so that all citizens and businesses meet their tax obligations.

“Good domestic tax system does not only depend on the clarity of the country’s tax policy, but the platform of information and data gathering capacity of government and the taxing authorities”, he added

Also, the retreat held will help take stock and review past programmes and activities of the organization to fashion out workable strategies to enable the GRA continue to play it’s meaningful role in national development. It will equally serve as a platform for the management of the various Revenue Agencies to interact and share useful ideas to enhance coordination and maximize efficiency in service delivery.

Moreover, Hon. Simon Osei Mensah, urged all to be objective and practical in discussions and to come out with strategies to overcome the challenges that confront the GRA in the realization of it’s set objectives.

He also urged the GRA to intensify their nationwide campaign to reap maximum tax benefit for the country.

” It is my hope and prayer that, you will come out more poised and gingered up to move the development of the GRA to a higher level of operation for the benefit of our dear country”.
Kwame Asare


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