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I have always been a strong advocate against any form of artificial alterings being done to the human body for the mere purpose of ‘beautification’ or enhancement, plastic surgeries, liposuction procedures, boobs and buttocks enhancement all inclusive. These things always have ripple effects in the long run, as does anything done to our bodies outside the natural realm.

Yet, the today woman, knowing fully well the long term side effects still decides to do them with the intent to please her friends, and accrue some sort of social gratification.

Tragedy has struck as a 27-year old lawyer has passed during after a liposuction procedure went sideways.

The deceased was allegedly mocked by her friends on social media for being overweight, and this forced her to gather practically all her savings for liposuction surgery in Abuja. Three surgeries were reportedly performed on her on same day with no adequate facility. Several fats extracted from her body were distributed into several places on both her lungs and of course her buttocks.

A social media user who shared the sad story wrote:

I don’t know who needs to hear this but you as a chubby person owe no one, not even yourself a flat tummy, figure 8 is not only the shape available, even in products there are sizes, you are MAXI, they are minimum yes that is their size and none of your business, do not ever, ever let the name-calling, the unsolicited advice get to you.

We lost a Sister because it got to her, she is not even that fat, yet those friends must have taunted her so much that she was scared, her dignity stripped, please, dump those friends that make fun of your size, ditch that boyfriend that is always putting you down.


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