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Madina is a very busy town in the Greater Accra Region. It is a town where buying and selling grows in it’s peak. Due to this , the streets are mostly busy and there is no time to waste when business is ongoing.

About some years ago, complains were raised from most people living and working around the madina zongo junction about the rate at which drivers hit pedestrians down with their cars. This brought fear and terror to them.
Crossing the highway became a big challenge so they cried out to the government to come to their aid.

Construction of a footbridge began in order to make crossing of the highway convenient for all especially with school pupil.

Suddenly, the construction of the footbridge came to a halt thinking it would continue in no time but for over three(3) years now the bridge has been left uncompleted.
People of the madina zongo junction is appealing to the government to reignite the construction of the bridge.

Mercy Timbil


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