The National Youth Organizer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party, NPP has advised the youth of Ghana not to be worried in that their set time is now.
According to Nana Bediako Appiah, most of the youth complain that the Grass Root who are delegates and ordinary members of the party campaigned for the party during the 2016 General elections and same have been neglected.

In his view when these delegates and party faithfuls and sympathizers go to Ministers. The Secretaries of these Ministers or Government Appointees confront them with series of questions notable amongst them are; Do you have appointment with the Minister or the Government Appointee and these Appointees won’t ever attend to you no matter what the issues are. All in the name of “I am busy” and the least said about their attitude the better.

He posits that if H.E the President, Nana Akuffo Addo finds time within his busy schedule to address issues of Party faithfuls in the Party Headquarters every Monday from 2pm to 4pm no Minister or Appointee has no business to put forward such attitude when these delegates or party faithfuls call on them.

Today, the NDC party is going on a healing crusade, begging their Grass Root, to the extent that Yaw Boateng Gyan, the immediate Past National Organizer of the NDC on 19th June, 2017 made a statement to the effect that if kneeling down to beg the party faithfuls for them to forgive them of what they did to them when they were in power for them to forgive the party stalwart they were ready to do that. So why should we allow same to happen to us.

So he is assuring Ghanaians that, when he wins the position as the National Youth Organizer, within the period of 6months to 1year, that particular “Do you have an appointment” Will be a thing of the past, it will never happened because if the youth are disgruntled the worst could happen to our country.

He further said, in his administration, he will create National Youth Committee and National Youth Council. The National Youth Council will comprise of all the ten(10) Regional Youth Organizers and the National Youth Committee will also comprise of all the 275 constituencies Youth Organizers of their great party and all of them will serve as advisory unit for the National Youth Organizer.

Above all he made mention of creating a mineral water manufacturing companies in all Districts in Ghana which shall be owned by the Party and Managed by the Youth through his Secretariat.

Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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