It has become habitual to his Excellency the vice president in Ghana Dr mahamudu bawumia to visit all Muslims in Ghana, but this time it is wasa akropong Muslims turn.
Dr. Mahamudu bawumia and minister of inner cities and development, Abubakar Boniface Siddique and guest made it possible to visit wasa akropong Muslims for the first time in history.

The king of akropong zongo said I am very happy because Ghana came to meet me and I have not see this in wasa akropong before. We have fellow politicians for long, and Allah has show us that he is truly exist. He added.
We are going to pray for you and Nana addoh for long life.

Abubakar Boniface, minister of inner cities and development also said every Muslim knows that this month (may) is a very plush month for we the Muslims. This month the door of heaven opens and hell is been closed. He added

Prophet Mohammed say it in the Qur’an that if some one visit you in a haij season then that person loves you because many Muslims will be at home for one month, so wasa akropong Muslims should thank Allah for this visit from Dr bawumia, he added.

Although we are here to worship with you but we can’t leave you empty handed. Boniface added.
Dr bawumia gave them 200 bags of cement, 15 bags of rice, sugar 10 bags and many more.

He also gave zongo king GH ¢2000.00, malam also received GH ¢2000.00, His Excellency the vice also said our women are very plush to us so he cannot share the money and leave them so they also received GH ¢1000.00, the men received GH ¢1000.00 as well.

Dr mahamudu bawumia also supported them to pay their electricity bill when he gave them GH ¢1000.00.
Dr. mahamudu bawumia sent greetings to them from His Excellency the President of Ghana Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo. It is deep feelings to be with you here today. Said Dr bawumia.

We all know that we came to meet bones economy but we have started fulfilling our promises. Continue to pray for Nana Addo since he is ever ready to complete his mission for becoming President in Ghana.
People were saying that free S.H.S can’t be possible because of the economy but Nana proved them wrong.

Teachers and nurses training allowance Will be restore and he delivered. Dr bawumia added. There are some policies that has been in the system that some of us knows that I will not talk about it too much now.
Nana Addo have passion for the Muslim, he is only President that has appointed minister to develop zongo. He added. I am challenging you to support Nana Addo and NPP because the man have proper plan for we the Muslims, he added.

What I will say is Nana Addo policies for the Muslim is many and some has even started or already in the system. He added

He has release 3000 teachers to teach Arabic in Ghana to support the Muslims. Almost all the graduate are jobless, it is worry him so he has brought Nation builders call to help the graduates. He continued explained that this nation builders call take effect in every constituency in Ghana. Every constituency will have access to employ at least 350 graduates, some will be more depending on the population they are having.

Farming system in Ghana is also very plush enough to us. Because of that we have bring in planting for food and job to support our farming system. Dr mahamudu bawumia added. I keep on telling you that the President think about us that’s why he has brought another important policy to the Muslims called zongo development fund. He added
All I will say is keep on praying for Nana Addo and NPP party.

All the Muslims pried to Dr bawumia and Ghana. They told Allah to protect Nana Addo and all NPP members for long live
Kayah Emmanuel


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