The 10 years working experience, BOIN microfinance limited showed all at wasa akropong when showing the public that BOIN has come to stay not to run with peoples money.

A house that has been there for about 29 to 30 years has come with different structure after Mr Joseph .A ADJEI and the management of the noble company (BOIN microfinance limited) made renovation.

Nana Tetrete Okuamoah Sekyim II, president of wasa amenfi traditional area was invited and also was the chairperson during.

Nana said BOIN has help his people in different way even when they were celebrating their 10th anniversary at esiema. (Nzema), it is my prayer that BOIN will remain here forever since they are here to help the of wasa amenfi district.

BOIN has change the face of banking in my area, said NANA.

He added that because of good work BOIN is doing, his people will advertise for them anywhere they find their self.

Some of the customers (clients) also made is clear that the company has help a lot.

They added that they have work with BOIN for about 5 years and they not get any problem.

The staffs are good in terms of education as well.

All women should come and work with them and will be free forever they added.

Miss Rubby Nzowah, a key client for BOIN was in action and also said BOIN has help her a lot.

she started with when she was having only 2 ovens but now having about 8 evens, it’s the company help she said.

They give me loan quick. She added
Amenfiman rural bank limited CEO was present, and also stated that BOIN since came to wasa akropong, they have not heard anything bad against them so they should do the same and stay with them for long.

Many financial institution was not able to stay and run with peoples money, BOIN should not do that, he added.

NANA Tetrete Okuamoah Sekyim II made it possible after tape cutting for official opening of the office is done.
Emmanuel Kayah Boah


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