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Music they say is a universal language, a means to heal the soul, an outlet for emotional, spiritual and physiological upliftment, but with each passing day, the art form is beginning to lose its potency and authenticity, as the music industry worldwide has had an influx of untalented, lazy and unqualified musicians troop into the system.

There was a time when the lyrical content of songs were basically words to live by, and parents would quote the lyrics of musicians to advice their children. Morally didactic songs were pumped into the system, and a lot of values were taught and adhered to as a result. I guess we can only refer to those days as ‘good old’ sadly.

Rapper and Singer, Kofi Kinaata seems to share a similar sentiment with mine as he has passed some comments in an interview on Zylofon TV most recently about the current state of the musical scene in the country.

He expressed that there is an influx of shabbily made songs with little to no thought process behind their creation, making him wonder the fate of the future of the Ghanaian music industry.

He stated, “We have made listeners like prisoners. All songs produced lately are one way selling the same message as compared to the days of AB Crenstil, Nana Ampadu and others,” he said.


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