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The NPP communication member at the Asokwa constituency in the Ashanti region who is known as Mr jamil Boakye who described all the NDC flagbearer aspirants to be incompetent.

In an interview with the media, he lamented that
The constitution of every political party calls for a periodic elections to elect it’s leaders. On Saturday, 23rd February 2019, the NDC went to the polls to elect their flagbearer. They had a total of seven aspirants who aspired to run on the party’s ticket as flagbearer for the 2020 elections.

Among the seven aspirants, majority of them have had the opportunity of serving the country in many ways, either as President, Vice President, Minister, C.E.O and in many other capacities.

The sad part of their service was their inability to show their competence in their various offices. It is not debatable that in their various offices, their offices performed very poor if we are to compare their tenure in office to people they took over from and people who inherited them. He added

However, Making a proper analysis of them all, I will begin from Former President Mahama, it may go down in history that he is the President whose administration performed very poorly, the success of every administration depends on how well these three sectors will perform, the economy, education and health. Every Ghanaian will be a witness to the fact that these sectors performed very poorly under his administration. Ghana’s economy, considering inflation, G.D.P growth and all other sectors reduced interms of percentage.

Furthermore, Health and all other sectors also performed very poorly. The next person to analyse is Sylvester Mensah who is the former C.E.O of Nhis, Nhis suffered a lot of debt which nearly collapsed the scheme. Under his tenure, he introduced capitation in Ashanti Region. Which policy only have us the option to choose a hospital near you, the question we all asked ourselves was if the person travels to a different region and want to have access to a different hospital. The analysis may go on and on and it is clear that almost all the aspirants failed in capacities they were given to serve their country.

Moreover, he will end his analysis with Dr. Ekow Spio Gabrah who is the former Minister Of Trade and Industry, companies like the Ashanti Regional branch of Coca Cola and many other companies had to be shut down or reduce the number of employees due to the hardship and tough policies of the NDC Government.

Also, he added that, the NDC was left with the opportunity of choosing the chief incompetent, who is Former President MAHAMA, the NPP who make sure to give him clean contest which will be based on our performances.


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