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Argubaly one of the best rappers to ever do it in Africa, Micheal Owusu ‘Sarkodie’, has said vehemently that the media, which is supposed to serve as a means of selling Ghana music and art to the world is rather the cause of its current impediments.

The BET award winner lamented that, the Ghanaian media concoct stories about celebrities in a manner that suits their agenda, disregarding the ripple effects it has on them.

Sarkodie in his post that expressed agitation regarded such acts as plain hateful, a direct contrast of what they should be doing as the media.

‘Obidipondi’ rounded up by saying that as far as his brands authenticity and himself is concerned, he owes nobody an explanation, neither would he have a banter with anybody when such media concocted controveries reach his doorstep.

See his post below


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