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The Mighty Nation Asante, has always remained stronger as a result of its power Symbol “Sikadwa Kofi”.

Once upon a time, there was a very powerful Fetish Priest Called Obiri Komfo Kotower3 Anokye, he was from Awukugwa but moved to Akwamu, Okomfo met a friend at Akwamu called Osei Kofi who was from Kwaman ( Present day Kumasi), the friendship of these two persons has been described by many historians including myself as “great”.

Osei Kofi had to go back to Kwaman following the death of his Uncle Obiri Yeboah. The then ruler of Akwamu, Nana Ansah Sasraku gave some people to accompany Osei Kofi as a result his good services. Some of them were Baffour Amankwaatia, Safie, Boa Amponsem, Ansene Tani, Okomfo Anokye and many warriors (Asafo) to Kwaman.

When they arrived Osei Kofi was enstooled as Osei Tutu I, the title Otumfuo and Opemsuo were given after the arrival of the Mighty “Sikadwa”.

Acting on a promise made by Obiri Komfo Kotower3 Anokye to his friend during Akwamu era that he will make him (Osei Tutu) great, Okomfo fulfilled. Okomfo one faithful Friday (Fofie) gathered all the Chiefs at Bantama area at exactly 5:30 pm, even though he had already told them the purpose that he was going to command a golden stool and any Chief on whose laps the stool gets will lead Asanteman, they were still shocked that why that time (5:30).

Obiri Komfo Kotower3 Anokye started his moves and the Golden stool stared to descend from the Sky.

Upon the descending of the Golden stool on that evening, THE SUN STARTED TO SHINE LIKE IT WAS 1:00 IN THE AFTERNOON, and the Golden stool finally landed on the laps of Osei Tutu, Okomfo then said that henceforth the title “Otumfuo” meaning “Otimifo)” “someone whose powers conquers every power” has been given to the King”.

Otumfuo then asked that why did the sun shine when “Sikadwa” was coming. This is Okomfo’s explanation ” it means that anywhere the Kingdom of Asante and the Golden stool is, there will be Glory” ” baabi biara a Asante Ahenie ne Sikadwa b3k) no, animuonyam w) h). Owia no y3 animuonyam a akata nnomee so”.

Do you know it was not only Sikadwa that came from the Sky?
Watch out?

Filed by
Ohenenana Oguakro Baffour Kantankrakyie Amankwaatia (Socrates)
Sec. Concerned Youth of Asante. #Asantesemology#

Me ma mo Akye oburu.

Kwame Asare




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