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Sometimes the ‘harsh realities’ and burden of the afterlife is just too heavy for the mortal mind to fully comprehend.

Most religions preach about an unforseen eternal bliss (also called paradise/heaven), and a place of eternal damnation and torment (hell). Actress and TV presenter, Nikki Samonas has shared her mentation on the neverending argument of the existence of an afterlife in an interview with ZionFelix during a chat on his show ‘Uncut’.

The actress believes that God is an ever loving and merciful God and as such has prepared a place called Heaven for his children, but on the other hand disagrees with the belief that God will create a place of torment and excruciating pain for his children for all eternity.

Nikki stated, “Everyone will go to Heaven, once you’re a child of God you’ll go to Heaven and we’re all children of God because he created us all,”.

“I can’t tell if hell is real. I don’t really believe it’s real, I don’t want to even think about it. Nobody wants pain, agony or torture. So to me, Hell is nonexistent. I’ll always think positive and I want my friends and family to think same.” Nikki added.

Sorry to rain on Nikki’s parade, but every staunch christian should be fully aware that Hell was originally created as an eternal home for Lucifer, the rebelling angel.

God also instructs in the Bible that, “If you love me, obey my commandments”. So the logic here is, disobeying God is untimately just obeying the Devil, making you a sure candidate for where he resides. There is absolutely no benefit in a half-baked Christian walk with God. Be Hot or Cold, never Lukewarm.


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