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The attention of NDC in the Sekyere Afram plains has been drawn to attempts by NPP communicators in Sekyere Afram Plains constituency to glorify the laziest DCE in Ghana, Hon. Joseph Owusu a.k.a Odenkyem of Sekyere Afram Plains District.

The desperate DCE who doubles as the NPP parliamentary candidate for Sekeyere Afram Plains constituency after his abysmal failure to become Member of Parliament (MP) for the area in 2016, has been whitewashing himself to deceive the people of the Plains with Covid 19 stimulus package.

It will be recalled that on 19th May 2020, the President HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo announced a six hundred million Ghana Cedis (GHC 600,000,000.00) stimulus package to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This was later adjusted to GHC 1,000,000,000.00.

To the surprise of the people of Sekyere Afram Plains, the DCE who has no any completed major project to his credit since 2017 is riding on this initiative by the President as his campaign message for 2020. He terms it as “Odenkyem loan” to deceive the constituents. What is disgusting the most is his bogus assurance to applicants that they won’t pay back the loan if he (Odenkyem) emerges winner of the December polls in the constituency.

If in the likely event he loses, he would threaten to take “his money” back the day the election is decided.

We wish to state as follows;

  1. Hon. Joseph Owusu (Odenkyem) has no personal loan to give to the constituents outside what the president launched on 19th May 2020 which was approved by parliament of Ghana.
    Our member of parliament Hon. Alex Adomako Mensah who is deputy ranking member for parliamentary select committee on finance played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth passage of this stilumus package.
  2. The Covid 19 stilumus comes with an interest rate of 3% per annum with two years grace period. Regardless who becomes MP or which party forms government in 2021, applicants will still pay for the loan. It is therefore a perception, a deception, and delusion, to state that the loans will not be paid for, if Odenkyem wins.
  3. If in the unlikely event, Odenkyem has any funds to give as loans, he must had generated it from the Covid 19 fund which he disbursed barely 15% in fighting the novel COVID-19.
  4. We challenge the Hon. DCE to come out to tell the public which financial institution is giving out the so called “Odenkyem” loans if it does exist? In the absence of this, the Hon. DCE will be guilty of money laundering which has potentials of landing him in jail.

On this note we encourage everybody from all political divide to register for the loan as long as they need it bearing in mind that they will pay back with an interest of 3% per annum after two years. Odenkyem won’t be allowed to dupe the people like he did in the following;
a. How he managed to use the district funds to procure Agric inputs where the assembly pays about GHC 140,000.00 quarterly and promised the Chiefs of the area he was going to set up an independent committee to be in charge of its revenue collection. For over a year now, where is that committee and which people make up that committee?

b. Where is the over GHC 236,000.00 COVID-19 fund that was given every district?

c. Where is our $3million dollars we should receive from the $1million per constituency policy? Odenkyem should point to us any of such projects in the district he has used the money for because his colleague MMDCEs who are not even deans have something to show.

Where is the money realised from the community contribution to buy a pickup for the police which was given him to do that? The people of Sekyere Afram Plains are asking because we are aware government has made provision of a police pickup, so where is our contribution money?

In conclusion, we dare to repeat that the Dean of MMDCEs in Ghana Hon. Joseph Owusu is the laziest and most clueless DCE in the country.

He will be shamefully defeated once again as he could sense from the grounds. Even as DCE, an agent of development, he could achieve nothing for the district. How much more when he becomes a member of parliament?

The people of the Plains are discerning enough and will never give him that mandate to take our resources to Sekyedumase. We assure him that, if proper answers don’t come from the above, he will be a prison candidate a day after Ex. President John Dramani Mahama is sworn come January 7, 2021 by the grace of God.
Kwame Asare


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