Master Bishop Prophet James Kwasi Oppong’s has advised the People who are Influenced by the Intake of

According to him mostly drug abuse is brought by bad company ,bad advise from friends and also friends who are into alcoholism.

My advice to you is not to give bad people chance in your life, he added

Drugs are meant to cure sicknesses. Individuals who abuse tramadol I advise them to put a stop to it because you are destroying the human system, the more you take in hard drug, the more u destroy the inner system.

Bishop Oppong also states that when you engage yourselves in hard drugs it will kill u spiritually. The Holy Spirit will never operate in you when you engage yourself In drugs.Drugs helps humans back to life so am pleading with you to Stop abusing tramadol.
Master Bishop Prophet James Kwasi Oppong ,
Founder/ leader for Lord’s fireworks chapel, C.E.O for solid fm(103.7 MHz), C.E.O of treasure land hotel, C.E.O for JAKWAPO music production, Chief Executive Officer for JAKWAPO Express Company Limited
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