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Head Porters play a major row In Ghana by assisting people with their goods.

Sometimes girls, who work as porters, carrying heavy loads on their heads. At times, their words and their actions tell two different stories.
They come from Ghana’s arid rural north to work in the bustling cities of the south. They are paid very little, but nonetheless the work offers them opportunities that they don’t get in their rural villages.

In ghana, we normally call them “KAYAYO” and their work is very tedious to extend that, they face alot of situation in terms of feeding and accommodation,

In an exclusive interview with One Hajara who hails from Chereponi in the northern part of Ghana and now working as head porter (KAYAYO) in the Ashanti regional capital kumasi said that, she sometimes feels like joining prostitution because she sees them as if life is better for them.

According to her, the reason why she feels like opting out from kayayo business is that, she has no place to sleep, people don’t respect them, the job doesn’t pay well, Armed robbers intimidating them at night etc.

When it’s raining season, sometimes they Sew a long polythene bag and and ware it to avoid them from been wet.
They stands outside till the rain stops.

They normally sleeps Infront of offices and spacious big shops but if that company or shop has a security guard, unless you pay the security 1 or 2 cedis before he grant you to sleep.

She asked that, how much do they make a day? their business has collapsed because some of their colleagues are thieves.
So is not easy for them to get access to Commodities.

Also, sometime ago, she came across one Nigerian prostitute with the name chioma who saw her and asked her to come over to her resident to make lundary for her and tidy up the house she gave her 500 cedis she said.

She asked the prostitute what does she do for living and replied back to her she is into prostitution.

She was shocked when she heard that. She added

Moreover, she said the prostitute linked her to men, she gave her mobile phone and some money so that the big guys will get access to her and picked her up but she refused to involved her self into it such practice. Hajara told Kamal Ahmed !

She’s urging Ghanaians to help hand in hand to support them because sometimes, they that were see on the street are the only hope in their family. She revealed
Kemal Ahmed


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