Information reaching desk indicates that Kasoa-Millennium city Police Commander DSP Agyekum has been dealing with the notorious land guards at Kasoa-Millennium city.

Other credible source also indicates that one most wanted, harden and Notorious land guard, known as Akwasi Alhaji has given a huge amount of money to the said DSP. Agyakum, allegedly

Due to that any offensive or criminal case in regards to land guarding, in the said community which involves akwasi Alhaji and his troops reach no where.

DSP Agyekum was transferred to the Kasoa-Millennium city as a police commander barely six months ago, after the third month of his stay in community, land guard issues, crime and lawlessness has been on the rise because of monies he allegedly takes from the Criminals.

Some Victims and residents at the Millennium city shared their sentiments, according to them they said any time the residents or the civilians gives information to the police at millennium city about crime, criminal activities and issues regarding to land guards, the police CID who’s name was given as Kate and the commander DSP Agyekum will instruct the civilians to go and arrest the suspects themselves and bring them to the police station.

And if even they (civilians) do the arrest and bring the suspect the Commander with the order from Akwasi Alhaji free them, especially when it involves his (Akwasi Alhaji) troops. So civilians end up been victimized by the land guards for given the police information about them.

In one special case involving a young Ewe man who gave information to DSP Agyekum about one wanted notorious land guards who happened to be Akwasi Alhaji’s member him (Ewe Man) ended up at Counter – back.

After the DSP Agyekum threaten him to take him to court if he did not desist from given them information about land guards.


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