Science graduates encouraged to take up innovation


NM-AIST Vice-Chancellor Prof Burton Mwamila


The Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha has thus held the entrepreneurship workshop for scientists and engineers from various institutions in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania to start preparing them in their mission to become job creators instead of remaining job seekers.

NM-AIST Vice-Chancellor Prof Burton Mwamila said engineers usually write up reports and study findings, many of which are left to collect dust in shelves whereas they could have made use of same knowledge to formulate projects that will help them being investors.

The training is to assist scientists and other scholars to become job creators instead of remaining in their current situation as job seekers awaiting open vacancies in the highly competitive job markets most of which, may not exactly be in line with their scientific studies.

“Scientists and engineers are supposed to break grounds in innovations not to complement existing projects, structures and programs something that stunt their growth and global development,” pointed out Prof Mwamila.

It was also described that, many scholars taking tougher science and engineering streams of studies, regarded and even regard themselves to be different species thus hardly mix with ordinary mortals in other fields and as the results they cannot see opportunities for development.

“It is high time they get off their pedestals and stoop low to accommodate ideas from other people who studied or work in other fields in order to link their scientific knowledge with business, legal and development fields,” Prof Mwamila maintained.

On his part, Dr Nyamagere Sospeter, an engineer at the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS) in Dar es Salaam, said over 95 per cent of graduates from the department seems to target employment after college not realizing that, the nation needs educated pathfinders to help it charter new territories of development.

By HAZLA OMAR, Tanzania Daily News

Science graduates encouraged to take up innovation