The next rite after naming ceremony of the Akans according to the social status transformation is known to be Puberty Rite which clearly defines an adolescent to be clean and pure.

Nana Yaa Gyamfua the queen of Worakese in the Bosomtwe District of A/R has however express her opinion about the possible advantages one gets from puberty rite through an interview of her with

She said all the procedures involved in puberty rites are meant to sanctify and cleanse the maidens and usher them into a rightful life of faultless.

Nana Yaa Gyamfua said, puberty rite is meant to pave way for long life because prayers recited for them are prayers of successful endings especially good marriages.

Puberty rite makes one a marriage material and therefore there is no doubt those who pass through puberty rite enjoy good and peaceful marriage in the future.

She said, they need help from the government and individuals to assist them in monetary factors and material factors like sowing machine, clothes, beads and others because puberty rite plays a vital role in the adolescents as in curbing teenage pregnancy which is at it’s peak nowadays.

Puberty rite goes a long way to shape lives, makes one bold and confident to be called a women. “Let’s come together and fight teenage pregnancy by promoting puberty rite ” she added
Obaapa Nhyira Adwoa Kwaakyewah


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