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Just last week a video emerged on social media that saw a young man smoking wee in the church of Abruku Abruka under the command of Rev. Obofour.

This happened during a 3 days restoration crusade organized by Abruku Abruka at the Sowutum branch of COGA.

Video Below

During Rev. Obofour’s time of the programme, asked if anyone in the Church auditorium had marijuana and lo and behold one man came out with the hard drug.

Rev. Obofour asked that the man light the hard drug and smoke for him to verify if it was truly ‘wee’ or he was trying to play smart.

Well, the said man in question identified as Razak Lomotey has come out to reveal that he was hired and paid by Abruku Abruka and Rev. Obofour to put on the act in the church.

According to the young man speaking to Nana Agraada on Thunder TV, revealed that the hard drug was given to him by Abruku Abruka and told that Rev. Obofour on the said day would call him out and should obey and act upon whatever he says.

He revealed that he was not told that he would be smoking the hard substance in the presence of anyone but he had to do that because of the numerous promises Abruku Abruka made to him earlier.

The ‘wee smoker’ added that he is not a wee smoker and has never smoked that hard substance but he had to muster the courage to smoke in the presence of the audience which included some policemen.

Razak further explained that upon fulfilling his part of the deal, he is just to receive the money and the shopping spree he was promised.


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