The aspiring deputy youth organizer for Suhum constituency in the National Democratic Congress (NDC party), Mr. Ebu Stanley has charged the government (National Identification authority) to provide each and every Ghanaian passport and birth certificate out of the 1.22 billion dollars they are using for a population of about only 30 billion.

According to him, per the calculations of the amount meant to be used for the Ghana card dividing it with the population of 30 million will give every Ghanaian 184gh each. Also, the prices of birth certificate and a passport form are 50gh each, whereby two will be 100gh, leaving us with 84gh.

Ghanaians are surprised about the quantum of money which will be used to provide Ghana cards. 1.22b dollars just for Ghana cards to a population of 30million is ridiculous and fraud.

He stressed that, he can only term this as a serious corrupt practices if the organisers of Ghana cards do not provide the people of Ghana with a free birth certificate and a traveling passport. All these are criteria which will be used to grant someone a Ghana card.

He said emphatically that If the government and the organisers fails to provide the people of Ghana with these two, then they have no excuse than to allow all Ghanaians to register onto the Ghana card without any hindrance. If the government indeed has the people at heart then he should reconsider his decision to use some criteria to prevent people from registration.
Ellen Kyei Baffour


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