The Gommoa East communications officer for the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) who was also the former campaign coordinator for the then interior minister Mr.Brigth Botwe has set the record straight by saying ,Nana Addo the prez. deserves 16″ canes”.

He said it unlawful for Nana Addo and his government to trade our country because of 20 million dollars to put up a millitary Base in our country .

Registering his displeasure to Rainbow News, US millitary pesonnels who are not under our rules of laws cant be accepted and by soo doing how do we complain to their authorities whiles many of Ghanain dont have the Visa .

” we are fed up and we need accountabilty and to be justice to our nation.

According to Mr Botwe,Nana Addo should not take any decision that wil jeopardize the security of this country .
Kwabena Agyeman Banahene


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