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The decision and action by the President’s bodyguard to prevent the old man from getting access to President Akufo-Addo under such circumstance and environment was 100% right in accordance with security best practices all over the world.

The environment was crowdy and of a high security threat. The bodyguard could not take chances in such an unfavourable atmosphere considering the dynamics of geopolitics in Ghana.

No one knew the motive of the old man and no one can guarantee the intent of the old man. Perhaps he could have been sent there by our political opponents to create a negative scene for President Akufo-Addo, and in doing so create an embarrassing situation for the President and his team.

The security of the number one gentleman of the country is very paramount and Ghanaians should come to the acknowledgment of that. We have to respect protocols as far as the Presidency is concern.

The President’s bodyguard exhibited a sense of professionalism in preventing the old man.

We condemn those who want to score cheap political points out of this incident.

According to our intelligence the man was sent there by the constituency leadership of the NDC.

Issued and Signed by
Razak Kojo Opoku
CVM Founder and President

kwame Asare


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