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Police/Military Media Release

In the bid to protect and uphold sanity in the country, the Western Naval Command in a joint military-police operation in Sekondi have arrested 213 suspects who had in their possession, substances believed to be Indian hemp, money and condoms.

In relation to this recent swoop, a media statement was relased to address the issue and  other possible measures set in motion to prevent any future unforseen situations in realation to security.

The release however mentioned  that similar exercises will be observed nationwide to ensure the clean up is through and through. Social media users are however not so excited at the announce of the upcoming exercise as they say it sort of sends a message to the culprits thereby rendering the information invalid.

The operation which took place at 12 midnight at the Budumburam Camp was said to be in response to the several killings of security officials by criminals in the country.

Social media users reaction

What are your thoughts on this issue.Do you think the exercise was useful and should be updated on social media?Or do you think the security officials did their best and deserve to be applauded on the matter?

Send in your views in the comment section let’s get interactive.


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