The Golden Stool ( SIKADWA KOFI) as first seen in public and photographed in 1935 during the Restoration Of Asante Confederacy.

The Golden Stool (Sikadwa Kofi) must never ever touch the ground and because of that, it has its own stool called Sikadwa Hwedom and that stool also always sits on elephant skin as shown in the picture.

The three gold masks which hangs on the Golden Stool ( Sikadwa Kofi) represent the effigy of a wailing Kwadwo Adinkra , a powerful King of Gyaman Kingdom with Bontuku ( now part of the county Ivory Coast, and known as Bondoukou as his Ahenkro.)

This King , Kwadwo Adinkra made for himself a gold stool in the fashion of The Golden Stool ( Sikadwa Kofi) of the Asante Kingdom .

That action contituted a challenge to Asante Kingdom. So when the news reached Kumase of the nefarious act of the Gyaman King, Asantehene Nana Osei Tutu Kwame, aka Osei Bonsu, in 1812 sent emissaries to Bontuku to order Kwadwo Adinkra , a suzerain of Asanteman ( The Asante Kingdom) to surrender his Gold Stool to Kumase which he flatly refused .

He also added insult to injury by mutilating the emissaries.
This impudence by Kwadwo Adinkra, the Gyaman King ,led to what is known in Asante history as “ ADINKRA KO ( Adinkra War ) or the Gyaman War… 1813 to 1816 .
Otumfuo Osei Bonsu led a crack Asante army that included Odeneho Kwadwo Tibu,King of Denkyira , Oseadieyo Kyereme Kofi,King of Takyiman and their men and resources; as well as nearly the entire Asante troops to Bontuku. Nana Kwadwo Adinkra, the Gyaman King was totally defeated.

His gold was seized. As additio humiliation, the gold stool he made was melted and used to cas he Adinkra in three effigies with a wailing gaping mouth, now adorning the The Golden Stool ( SIKADWA KOFI)

It was from this Gyaman War that the Adinkra Cloth was introduced in Asante . That cloth was owned by the Gyaman King, Nana Kwadwo Adinkra.

Source :Sankofa Asante.

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