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The Biggest Fully Automated Meat and eggs processing Factory has been built at Apasare in Akuapem North Municipal Assembly.

Akro Farms company Limited has commenced operations to produce eggs and Chicken for the local and export market.

This Factory is going to lead to the creation of about 1,000 Jobs for the people of Akuapem North through the outgrower scheme being developed by the Municipal Assembly and Akro Farms for the production of the raw material base for the Factory.

The construction of the Factory has led to the employment of 212 artisans in the area who apart from earning their income, have picked up the skill in the construction of Pre-Fabricated structures.

If you ever thought this government was joking then you should revise your thoughts.

Akuapem North, have also received their Factory in our modern day history.

Thank you Mr President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for this vision of One District One Factory.


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