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Offinso South District Assembly for the 4th time failed to elect a Presiding Member to lead the General Assembly despite the intervention the Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Elizabeth Agyeman.

After the 3rd unsuccessful attempts the Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Elizabeth Agyeman intervened and held a peace talk with both fashion to calm nerves down.

But on the 2nd March, 2020 which marks the 4th unsuccessful attempts, two candidates, Hon. Emmanuel Baah and Hon. Vegas Brefo Boahen, the former Presiding Member failed to obtain the required number of votes for the position.

The Maase electoral Area Assembly member Hon. Baah Emmanuel a.k.a Hon Bio polled 17 votes whiles Namong West Electoral Area Assembly member, Hon Brefo Boahen Vegas also managed to polled 26 votes in both the first and the second rounds.

None of the candidates could not garner two-thirds of the total 43 votes of the house to be elected as presiding member.

Hon Elizabeth Agyeman addressing the assembly members at the Assembly Hall, postponed the election indefinitely and expressed her displeasure about the assembly’s failure to elect a Presiding Member on several occasions.

She expressed with great concern fashion and division within the NPP Party in Offinso south and threatens to report and briefs the Ashanti regional NPP executives on the wreaking state of the party in Offinso South.

Hon. Elizabeth Agyeman, therefore, appealed to the Assembly members to consider the dire financial situation of the Assembly and elect a presiding member to prevent the Assembly from incurring further cost.

She said getting funds for the organization of the election is constraining the accounts of the Assembly. She appealed to those taking an entrenched position to consider their stance and collectively work for the development of the District.
Kwame Asare


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