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The Matriarch’s Verse is the much
anticaped poetry work from CitiFm’s own Apiorkor which is set to break hearts and defy the odds, and poerty lovers can’t seem to get enough of it.

After being performed on different stages across the country, the writer/poet has fianlly put together the finishing touches of her book, and is set to be available on online book stores by the end of September this year.

The launch will take place at the Swiss Spirit Hotel,North Ridge in Accra, with performances and rich diaplay of arts.

As per the preparations towards what she
calls ‘a peice of herself’, The Matriarch’s Verse; edited and  published by DAkpabli & Associates is a caredully selected collection of daily poetic potions for the ultimate poetry fanatic.

When asked on several occasions what the book and the individual poems seek to achieve, Apiorkor in a post wrote;

‘The Matriarch’s Vere seeks to celebrate, to expose, to critique, to question and to highlight our Ghanaian-ness in the 21st Century:

-How have we progressed?
-What do we truly stand for, as a people?
-What does it mean to be Ghanaian?
-What does the 21st Century Ghanaian woman look like?

  • What is the quintessence of the Ghanaian experience?
  • Does the Ghanaian urban space have a place, in the 21st Century global village?’  

The Matriarch’s Verse is almost here, and Apiorkor invites all poerty lovers and lovers of African arts to come witness the official outdooring of the book alongside many other electrifying performances of music, dance and alot more.

To preorder for your version of The Matriarch’s Verse;


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