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We the members of Concern patriotic of Sekyere Afram Plains wants to expressed our heartfelt gratitude to the parliamentary candidate of the new patriotic party for Sekyere Afram Plains constituency, Mr Joseph Gyamfi Owusu, a.k.a Odenkyem for extra ordinary performance exhibited on just ended December 7 election.

Sekyere Afram Plains constituency since it creation in the year 2012 has been a dominant of the national democratic Congress with over 69% percent of citizens living in the constituency always votes for Ndc.

In the 2012 general elections, npp parliamentary candidate polled 1,882 of the total votes cast representing 20.88% and Nana Akuffo Addo also polled 2,202 votes representing 28.30%

In 2016, election npp parliamentary candidate Hon Joseph Gyamfi Owusu,a.k.a Odenkyem polled 3,549 of total vote cast representing 38.26% while Nana Akuffo Addo also polled 3,172 representing 34.87% shows significant increase from presidential and parliamentary candidate results compared to 2012.

In the just ended December 7 election, Nana Akuffo Addo polled 6,331 of total votes cast while parliamentary candidate Hon Joseph Gyamfi Owusu, Odenkyem also polled 7,923 representing 49.51%

The above statistics shows that, Hon Joseph Gyamfi Owusu (Odenkyem) has done very good job who took it from 1,882 representing 20.88% in 2012 which was under the Leadership of different Candidate, to 7,923 representing 49.51% in 2020 which has now closed the gab between NDC and NPP parliamentary candidate with only 156 votes difference between him and the incumbent Member of Parliament giving hope for the party in future election.

We are by this press release appealing to the high hierarchy of the party to consider the good job done by Mr Joseph Gyamfi Owusu, (Odenkyem) to honor him with Ministerial appointment or CEO to build his ” War Chest” to position him to grab the Seat in 2024.


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