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  1. The Concern Voters Movement in their recent press release has admonished the New Patriotic Party to desists from the “Obadaben and Obayenkye” syndrome and move the party forward.

A statement signed by the Founder and President of CVM, Mr. Razak Kojo Opoku indicates that for the NPP to win power in the 2020 election that human service selectiveness should cease.

Below is the copy of the press release

Obadaben, Obayenkye & Loyalty Nonsense Should Cease in NPP—CVM

There is no political party in Ghana that can win elections with only its founding members, card bearing members and sympathizers. That is the more reason why Political Parties spend money, time and resources together with various strategies to convince floating voters and members of other Political Parties to join forces with them for political power.

It took great alliances of political parties to win power for NPP in 2000 and NDC also joined forces with opposition parties to kick NPP out of power in 2008. In 2016, endorsements from smaller political parties equally influence the voter psychology of Ghanaians to overwhelmingly vote for NPP and President Akufo-Addo in an unprecedented electoral victory.

Dr. Bawumia recently joined NPP ahead of the 2008 general elections but now I can confidently and boldly state that his unprecedented contributions and loyalty to the growth and victory of NPP *overshadows* the loyalty and contributions of several founding members of NPP.

Freddie Blay contributions and loyalty to the victory of NPP is far better and 100% efficient than those questioning and doubting his political credibility.

The contribution and significance of only Daily Guide to the course of NPP outweighs the contribution and significance of those contesting Freddie Blay.

The question of Freddie Blay obadaben is a foolish talk politically.

The question of Freddie Blay loyalty is in doubt because obayenkye is a stupid talk politically.

Freddie Blay acted and won power for the NPP whilst those questioning his loyalty today were seriously working hard behind the scene against the victory of NPP and President Akufo-Addo.

Freddie Blay deserves the National Chairmanship Position and he is going to win overwhelmingly. His victory shall attract more floating voters and members of other Political Parties to defect to the NPP.

Freddie Blay victory shall kill the perception of *obadaben* and *obayenkye nonsense* in NPP. It will prove a point that the New Delegates of NPP believe and uphold Hardwork and relevance towards the victory and growth of the NPP.

Any candidate who campaigns on *obadaben* and *obayenkye* is immature politically and that candidate does not deserve a leadership position in NPP because NPP shall always need members of other Political Parties to defect to the NPP.

Razak Kojo Opoku
CVM Founder and President
Kwame Asare


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