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According to the NDC, it is not right for President Akufo-Addo and NPP Government to relocate the nine judges to pave way for the construction of the National Cathedral to serve, praise, worship and pray to God.

We would like to state categorically with absolutely no apology to anyone that, the establishment of the National Cathedral is Decillion times better than the living rooms of Judges. The judges themselves are inferior to the superior God, the absolute owner of every creature in the Universe.

NDC led by John Mahama are saying that, we should also consider building a National Shrine. Maybe they have short memories as indicated by John Mahama. It was Prof. Mills of blessed memory who cancelled the pouring of libations at the national events of our Country when he assumed office as the President.

If less than 3% traditional people also think they need a national shrine then they can consult among themselves and do it without any impediment from Government. After all freedom of worship is enshrined in the 1992 Constitution.

It is very sad that, a well known drunkard and CPP Member, James Kwabena Bomfeh is challenging the legitimacy of the establishment of the National Cathedral in the Law Court with a stated reason that Ghana is a secular state.

Drunkard James Kwabena Bomfeh should kindly read the Second Schedule, Forms of Oath in the 1992 Constitution such as:
1. The Oath of Allegiance
2. The Presidential Oath
3. The Oath of the Vice-President
4. The Judicial Oath
5. The Oath of Member of Council of State
6. The Cabinet Oath
7. The Oath of Minister of State
8. The Oath of Secrecy
9. The Official Oath
10. The Speaker’s Oath
11. The Oath of a Member of Parliament
12. The Oath of the Auditor-General

All these forms of Oath administered end with (So help me God)

Again our National Anthem begins with God bless our homeland Ghana

Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the decision of President Akufo-Addo led Government to assist the Christian Community with the establishment of a National Cathedral in honour of God we always committ ourselves before we assume national responsibility, and pray to bless our homeland Ghana.

In fact, those making unsavoury commentaries about the establishment of the National Cathedral for God are spiritually fools and stupid.

Signed by
Razak kojo opoku
(CVM Founder and President)


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