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Actress and movie producer Nadia Buari has taken to her Instagram page to send across her mentation, with regards to the current xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa.

Nadia who seemed extremely unhappy with the situation, expressed in a lengthy post her displeasure with the current situation. She further iterated that the South Africans have so quickly forgotten the support they received during their fight against apartheid.

Nadia wrote, “Yesterday was one of the hardest days, watching very gory videos on the internet of xenophobic attacks…
South Africans have so soon forgotten the continental love and support they received during their fight against apartheid. All Africans came together to fight against a system that was put in place to fight against the existence of blacks in South Africa. But today the legacy of the great Madiba which Bishop Desmond Tutu once said will live on in South Africa forever is under serious threat by a few uninformed people, destroying lives and properties all in the name of fighting for a cause. South Africans must be reminded that, the way by which they have chosen to fight their cause will seriously have a negative effect on all the ideals President Mandela stood for and fought for. 
It looks as if the effects of the almost 50 years of apartheid is now coming to reality on some black South Africans, hence the attacks on the innocent. 
I believe the years of blacks sitting back and watching whites take all of theirs are now manifesting themselves in a negative reality hence the “We no go sit down make them cheat everyday” approach being used on innocent foreigners. 
All parties must know that, violence undermines values, and that, those who use such means to reach their aims may win the war but lose their worth in the end. 
Why are blacks so quick to blame whites for racism, but when blacks rise against blacks we are slow to condemn, all in the name of we are one people? If we are not kind to our kind, which kind of species are we at all? Will black South Africans use the same approach to deal with white supremacists who have segregated them from the wealth of the land? 
It’s a shame most leaders can’t name and shame this antiquated behavior that takes Africans backward all the time. If we do this to ourselves in our third world countries, why do we complain when the developed countries apply tough measures on illegal immigrants of which Africans make up the most of them? We hate to grow greens, but we love to seek for greener pastures in other people’s countries. 
In an era of globalization, only small minds fight against integration.


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