Mzbel Recounts Sleeping With Dead Bodies In Same Room

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Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, widely known in showbiz circles as Mzbel, has recounted that she once had to sleep in a room where dead bodies were dressed before their final burial.

The outspoken singer said after she was deboardinised in High School on accounts of sneaking in male friends to the girl’s dormitory, resorted to renting a facility close by.

However, during the course of scouting for a residence, she met an old woman who gave her a room rent free. Reluctant to take the offer initially because it sounded too good to be true, she eventually moved in.

Mzbel recounted that getting a good night’s rest was virtually impossible to achieve, though she couldn’t quite wrap her head around the very reason. She however got the shock of her life upon discovering that she was residing in a funeral home.

“Helen and I never knew it was a funeral home and our room was the final place for dead bodies. The landlady never told us. We always felt like there was something in the room and we only got to find out in the last days of our school. Even the bodies were kept on the mattress she gave us,” Mzbel said in the Twi language.


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