A father of a 5 year old daughter is crying out for help and prayers as her daughter is gradually loosing her brains and sight due to a TV set that fell on her on the 5 December, 2017.

The Five years old girl is currently in a critical condition at the Komfour Anokye Teaching Hospital, kumasi as doctors demand for her early surgery to remedy the situation.

On Tuesday 5th December 2017 at Paakoso in the Ashanti region, according to the mother, after finished taking her bath she went to the room to sleep as the mother take care of her other sister outside, after a while mother heard a strange noise from their room.

So she quickly rushed to the room where she found her daughter lying down on the floor with their TV “Aticopoh” on her head with the TV screen broken into pieces on her head.

After the incident the 5 year was bleeding uncontrollably from her nose and ears so they rushed her to hospital.

After diagnosing her the doctor said it has affected her brain and sight and need urgent surgery before things get out of hands.

The parents has tried with the little on them but still not enough.

Abena Esaaba Adepa


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