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The founding President of Pali Global, Frank Paa Kumi joined over 100 youth stalwarts at the YEC 2021 Swearing in ceremony at the Accra City Hall to discuss the need for youth leadership development in Nation Building. 

The Youth Empowerment Consortium is a non-governmental organization established in 2017 which is charged to transform the world through self-development. 

In his engagement, Frank Paa Kumi charged the young leaders to demystify the odds, change the narrative and become transformational leaders. 

He argued that Ghana’s true state has been misrepresented by leaders emerging from the two major political parties since Ghana adopted the democratic style of governance in 1992. 

Frank also decried the leadership vacuum, institutional ineptitude, poor maintenance culture, poor levels of productivity, official corruption and poor state of public service delivery. He presented to the young leaders what he titled as, the situational account of the state of Ghana. 

Frank sectioned and debriefed his presentation tackling the educational, agricultural, social protection, tourism, human security and public safety, and public transportation. 

He bemoaned that the soaring predicaments that have plagued the Ghanaian society in all the sectors. In the area of human security and public safety, he commented that the rate of road carnages in Ghana is alarming and our disaster preparedness in itself is a disaster. 

He praised the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda as a repository of bold and resilient leadership. However, he critiqued the implementation of the developmental aspiration. 

Conclusively, the leadership development coach and social enterprise practitioner encouraged the young leaders to build competence and capacity for future leadership endeavours, and learn from history particularly the short falls and anti-climax of leaders. 


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