Rita Odilinge who was killed after flogging a 14-year- old student at Ogidi ,Anambia a school called starlight secondary school for not sweeping her classroom.

According to the source in the school, the teacher came to the school only to discover her classroom was not swept, and when she asked the students, they informed her that one girl Chinaze Okafor was supposed to sweep the class but she didn’t.So when queried by the teacher, she proved stubborn in her responds which angered the teacher and she flogged her.so the girl left the class and the school using the fence because the school gate was closed and went straight home to tell her mother that her teacher has flogged her for not sweeping the classroom.

“Furiously, the mother come to the school armed with sticks, accompanied by her daughter and one another relative to revenge the flogging of her daughter. The girl mother when reached the school and the classroom of her daughter hit the teacher with the stick she came with on the head.the teacher collapse and was taken to the hospital but was later confirmed dead.

And because of the incident, students and teachers are no longer taking their studies seriously as they usually do.


Ellen Kyie Baffour


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