During his state of address to the nation ,the president made mention of so many things which have improved so far when he was elected as the president of the country and also things which are still under way to be done.

Security problems in the system now was one of the major point the president talked about. Although he thinks so much have been done so far by the security agency to ensure peace and stability in the country, but he also wants much to be done, so he has made a promise to the country of providing Drones and Helicopters to help the police and combat crimes,and everything needed to ensure safety in the country. As he said there will not be a hiding place for criminals in the country anymore says the president.

He further goes on to talk about the sanitation situation in the country ,where he said” we are working with the private entities to improve sanitation”.He also said that sanitation will improve when his next year deliver of state of nation address.

Whe further more emphasis on education in the country and the improved it have achieved so far.He made mention of the free senior high school the benefits it have brought to our education system and also promised to make sure to solve any challenges it’s facing now. He again said that, there will be reforming of school curriculum with emphasis on science and mathematics. And will also make sure that every child in the country have equal opportunities when it comes to education,and even congratulate the minister of education Honorable Dr.Matthew Opkuo Prempah.

Moreover, he shared much gratitude to the problem been solved so far on power supply in the country. During his campaign for election,he promised the country to solve these problem of Dumso when he is elected as president ,and now he can say that Dumso is no more a problem in the country anymore and will seek to it that, it will remain as it’s.

Again, the president Nana Akufo Addo went on to talk much on our agriculture system in the country. That was where the “One District, One Dam” came in,and he said they all on going as he promised the country and that there’s a fresh interest in farming now,and also make sure that the fishing and cocoa farming in country is given much attention, because the future lies in the promotion of agricultural.

Lastly one major key point the president made mention was the fight against galamsy in the country for a while now. He congratulates the chiefs and the minister for lands and natural resources for a good work they have been doing so far to help stop destroying our lands, trees, and water bodies through galamsy and also edged the to continue with their hard work.


Ellen Kyei Baffour.


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