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The western culture has definitely infiltrated the minds of the 21st century generation, and as much as the huge socio-cultural shift came with some benefits, it is without a shadow of doubt evident that its drawbacks outweigh its positivities.

Veteran Nigerian Actor, Pete Edochie, has openly brutalised the ideology of publicly kneeling down as a man to profess love to a woman in order to wean her over.

According to him, that isn’t an African culture as it does elevate the woman over the man who is supposed to be the head of the family.

To him, it the White’s Culture that espouses that because women over there have more power than the men.

“Kneeling to propose to a woman is white people’s culture because women dominate there and have more right than men, it is not the African man’s ways,” he said.

“I didn’t kneel to propose to my wife and we’ve stayed 50years in our marriage, I took my time to woo her, when it’s time to settle down, I asked if she’ll marry me and that was it”, he added.


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