A 46 year man Kweku kesse has buttered his own 32 years wife Ama Nyarkoah at Akyim Akroso in the eastern region.

On the 28th January 2018 the woman decided to go for a wedding and the husband told her not to go because, people has being saying when she goes to wedding the way she dress and dance its makes him feel jealous so she should stop going, but the wife refused and she went for the wedding.

So the husband went to the bush and when he returned he found out that the wife has gone for the wedding he told her not to go.

So he was very angry and he took his cutlass and cut her right hand, neck , her bottucks and some part of her body.

So they took the woman to St Joseph hospital at Koforidua at intensive care unit which is very serious.

After the husband has than this, he wanted to run away but police were able to arrest him,

according to the police, the man was not drunk nor crazy he was on his rightful mind before he did that.

So he is at Akyim Akroso police station, they are interrogating him and investigating him in other to prepare him to court.



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