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Lordina Mahama’s silence and totally ignoring the Campaign of John Mahama has caused Ghanaians to believe that Lordina Mahama is rather urging Ghanaians to Vote massively against her husband John Mahama in the 7th December 2020 general election.

Lordina Mahama, being the first beneficiary in the unlikely event that Mahama becomes President again, has completely disowned John Mahama in this year’s election.

According to an intelligence intercepted by the leadership of Concerned Voters Movement(CVM), Lordina Mahama has refused to openly and visibly campaign for John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress(NDC) due to the following reasons:
1. Slay Queens & Community Husband Allegations against John Mahama
Lordina Mahama feels cheated and totally embarrassed by the public misconduct of Slay Queens allegedly associated with her husband. The public disgrace of Papa Nu has really affected the emotions and psychology of Lordina Mahama and as we speak she has still not been able to overcome the pain, shock, anger and embarrassment as a result of the Slay Queens. Lordina Mahama feels Insulted and humiliated and as such she does not deem it fit to make sacrifices going across the length and breadth of the Country campaigning for John Mahama to come back to the Presidency for Mahama to allegedly continue to use the taxpayers money to buy cars and mansions for Slay Queens.

2. Okada & Mortuary Policy of John Mahama
Lordina Mahama has refused to campaign for John Mahama due to the inferior policy of okada and mortuary proposed by her husband John Mahama to Ghanaian.

Lordina Mahama strongly believes that okada and mortuary are not good policies that can transform the Ghanaian economy post COVID-19.

She advised her husband John Mahama to drop the shameful Okada and Mortuary policies but as usual “Mr. Dead Goat” has refused to listen to the advice of his wife Lordina Mahama.

Lordina Mahama respecting herself does not want to be Insulted on the account of weak policies of her husband John Mahama.

3. Kwesi Botchwey Report

According to the Kwesi Botchwey report, Lordina Mahama was one of the reasons why John Mahama lost miserably in the 2016 general elections and as such she does not want to be wrongly accused again knowing very well that Ghanaians shall reject her husband in the 2020 general elections.

Okada and Mortuary Policies are very weak and inferior to win general elections in Ghana.

Let’s listen to the concerns of Lordina Mahama and vote massively against the Incompetent dead goat John Mahama in the December 7th 2020 general elections.

Lordina Mahama is not campaigning for John Mahama, also the missing husband of Prof. Jane Opoku Agyeman is not campaigning for her too.

We cannot afford to hand over our sovereign power to John Mahama and Prof. Jane Opoku Agyeman who do not have Peace in their Homes.

Vote wisely, Vote number 1 on the ballot for President Akufo-Addo whose wife is strongly behind him campaigning for his re-election.

Signed by Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder and President)


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